19th June 2024 

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Psychotherapy is not an advice service. What it does is to help us to understand that is going on in our lives. Once things are clarified people usually experience great relief and most importantly are in a position to take charge of their own lives. Therapy also helps people to come to terms with unexpected changes in their lives. Our work together is a process of personal development within the therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy & Counselling. UnderstandingPsychotherapy or Counselling?
Is there a difference between psychotherapy and counselling? I would suggest that counselling can deal with particular issues and relieve a short-term crisis, while psychotherapy is a deeper exploration of more extensive issues leading to greater insight and self-awareness that can help change relationship and behaviour patterns in the future.

Therapy for Couples
Most couples face ‘crunch points’ in their relationships when important changes take place – marriage, pregnancy, birth of children, issues around employment and child care. Some or all of these, can alter the structure of the couple and the character of the partners. Sometimes this change can prove too difficult to manage alone and some temporary help from a trained therapist can relieve the situation, enable change and assist the couple to understand, process and adapt.

The Therapist
As an integrative psychotherapist I work psychodynamically, linking current conflicts with the past to reach understanding of anxieties, hidden feelings and rigid defences. My approach also draws freely on other therapeutic schools of thought – humanistic, existential and cognitive(CBT).

Confidentiality and trust are important aspects of therapy. All details relating to personal identity and shared information, feelings and thoughts remain strictly confidential. I am bound by the ethics of IACP in this regard.

"We are very appreciative of all your help this year and wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’. I’m not sure we could have got through it without your guidance."